design science research in information systems and technology


The logo was designed by Dr. Richard Baskerville in 2008 for the third international DESRIST conference in Atlanta, GA.

"The DESRIST logo is based on the electronic circuit design of a three position blue switch on a red circuit. The switch is off, but seems to invite the observer to switch it to full or partial power. The blue switch forms an hypotenuse of a triangle which reminds us of delta (as in design and in change), when connected with the red lines, one may also imagine an "s" and an "r" for DSR (design science research).  The switch contacts also remind us of left-to-right fulfillment and progress , beginning with an empty circle to the left, progressing to a partially filled circle in the middle to a full one on the right (where the DESRIST name appears).

While the symbolism requires an explanation, the result is an appealing and curious figure that invites the observer to wonder about the meaning in every design or construction."

Dr. Richard Baskerville
Professor of CIS Department
J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University